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6 year NFL Veteran & Creator of Magha Method Performance Academy

Tony Fiammetta has been a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast. Raised in a military family, he adopted a warrior’s mentally from an early age. At the age of eight, he began training with his father, who served as an Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. While other kids were inside playing video games, Fiammetta was outside running, participating in calisthenics, and playing rough sports with his brother. In this Spartan-like atmosphere, Fiammetta honed the skills that would ultimately bring him success in later life. 


During his youth, Fiammetta was involved in many scholastic sports including football, lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, and track & field. As a rule, he played sports year-round, sometimes participating in multiple sports within a single season. During this time, he began to develop his dream of becoming a professional athlete. Through his unrelenting belief in himself and his dream, Fiammetta embodied focus and self-discipline, training regularly for years on end. His efforts set him up to leave his small town behind and step into the NCAA ranks. 


In 2003, Tony received a Division-1 football scholarship to Syracuse University. During his collegiate career, Tony was a standout player, receiving numerous accolades including Team Captain and recognition as a First Team All-American. He participated in the premier college all-star game, the Under Armor Senior Bowl, and was a Top Performer at the NFL Scouting Combine.


In 2009, he was the 1st Fullback selected in NFL Draft. During his time in the NFL, Tony served as the starting Fullback and a Core Special Teams Player for the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears. Fiammetta helped several running backs pass the coveted 1,000-yard rushing mark and break team rushing records. But, after years of injuries from playing one of the most violent positions in the game, Tony’s body began to break down. 


During his career, Fiammetta went to the best experts that money could buy to fix his ailing body; however, he was unable to find permanent relief. The result was confusion about how to solve his health issues and the loss of valuable time and money. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Fiammetta was ultimately released from the Chicago Bears due to injury. Even though he was still in his prime as an athlete, Tony was forced to leave his career in professional sports behind to be re-born into a new life. 


In 2015, having retired from the NFL, Tony started on his journey to re-creating and re-discovering himself. He began self-reflecting and asking himself simple questions, relentlessly scrutinizing his perspectives and actions and refusing to be satisfied until he had an answer based on his own personal truth. The same questions kept emerging: “What did I learn during my athletic career?”, “What could I have done better?” and “How can I re-build my body to be youthful and vital again?” 


With those questions continually filling his mind, Fiammetta began to develop what is now known as Magha Method. For 4 years, Tony locked himself away from the world, dedicating himself to training and studying the practical applications of strength and conditioning, yoga, calisthenics, martial arts, meditation, nutrition, and multiple health systems. In the end, his results were life changing, as he ultimately emerged in full control of his own health. 


This process of self-discovery culminated in the development of a multidisciplinary training style that has allowed him to maintain his athletic build while becoming leaner, more mobile, and pain-free. He has taken the positives from each system he has studied and added it to his experience as a professional athlete to create a truly unique health program. 


Away from his training, first and foremost, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife, Alicia. He is also a big kid at heart, and he loves spending time playing sports and embarking on adventures with his kids. He likes creating art, writing poetry, listening to music, watching movies, and hiking.


  • 6 year NFL Veteran, Starting Fullback and Core Special Teamer for the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers

  • Drafted In the 4th Round of the 2009 NFL Draft, Pick #128 by the Carolina Panthers, 1st Fullback Selected

  • NFL Combine Participant, Top Performer in Bench Press and 40 yd Dash

  • Under Armour Senior Bowl, North Team Starting Fullback

  • NCAA First Team All-American

  • Team Captain for Syracuse Orange Football Team

  • Syracuse University Iron Man Award Winner (For Toughness and Exemplarily Play)

  • Syracuse University Mark Hoffman Award Winner (Best Back)

  • Awarded a Full Football Scholarship to Syracuse University

  • PrepStar All-East Region High School Player     

  • Super 22 Maryland High School All Star Team

  • Maryland High School Junior Combine Top Performer


Creator of Magha Yoga®

Alicia Fiammetta has been involved in athletics her entire life. Her earliest passion was gymnastics. A native of Vermont, she spent the majority of her youth outside playing in nature, skiing, hiking, and rock climbing, among many other outdoor pursuits. Alicia also played a scholastic sport every season of the year. 


In 2003, Alicia enrolled at Syracuse University as a biology major. Her freshman year was the first year of her life in which she had not been involved in any sport, and it soon became apparent that something was missing. So, the following year, she tried out and successfully earned a spot on the Cheerleading team. This was a great experience for Alicia because it gave her the opportunity to train, compete, and travel all around the United States. In 2007, after spending three years on the Cheerleading Squad, she graduated from Syracuse University. 


After graduation, Alicia blindly succumbed to social expectations and applied for jobs in the business world. She was offered a high-paid job in the medical sales field that would take her far away from Syracuse. The problem was that her then-boyfriend, Tony, still had one more year left at school. Alicia faced a dilemma: Remaining in Syracuse where she would still see Tony on a frequent basis or relocating to enjoy a lucrative career. She chose love; a decision that she will never regret. 


In 2008, Alicia became a wife and mother. During this major change in her life, she felt pulled in two directions: Continuing to self-develop as an individual or embracing the life of a mother and devoting all her time to her children. She ultimately decided to create a lifestyle that allowed her to give her three children the best love and attention while still focusing on achieving her own dreams and aspirations. She maintained her passion for health by practicing and studying yoga, fitness, and multiple health and nutrition philosophies. The focus as she first started her yoga practice was strictly on a physical level. She did it for a good stretch and as a way to stay in shape. However, after experiencing more than just physical results, she decided to take her practice to the next level. Over the years she has practiced and studied several different health and nutrition systems and many styles of yoga and energy work all over the country. She has learned that the ancient yoga practice has been diluted, especially in the western culture, where the focus is predominately on the physical poses. Often, when one thinks of yoga, they think “down dog,” “child’s pose,” and extreme flexibility. The style of yoga that Alicia teaches is firmly based on the idea that union with the self, not aesthetic beauty, is the true essence of yoga. “Honoring the beauty from the inside, cultivates beauty on the outside.” 


Currently, she is a homeschool mom who teaches her children to live from the heart. Work is balanced by play, reason is balanced by art, focus is balanced by freedom. She puts her full effort into creating a home environment that is both dutiful and beautiful while ensuring she still has time to self-discover and build her love with Tony. 


Always honoring her mind-expanding, adventurous spirit, she challenges herself to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually on a daily basis. It brings her great joy to share her knowledge about living a holistic lifestyle with others. She aims to provide the best methods possible to help people purify their lives and pursue every individual opportunity to grow on all levels. 


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